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Who is this site for & What is the Stagey Actor?

What is the Stagey Actor?, stageyactor is for those who love acting. If you like acting and are a stage lover and film lover, which airs on you tube on video essays about acting and films. If there is that type of acting lover who takes wonderful information about acting on the Internet and on various types of social media. Or simply say that you are such an art lover who keeps reading books of acting and films. And if you are the type of person who regularly reads everything about acting and how to become an actor then I think you will find yourself right at home on this site.

I will talk about all my successes on this site when I graduated in theater in college. And ever since I started trying to suck the acting juice. I will try to be as useful and entertaining as possible with my post so that you can get the most useful information in the game. Because life is a game and actor is the biggest player of this game.

Hello people,
I like to talk to you guys. That is why you mail me one and put your things in front of me.

If you feel like what the next step should be to become an actor. Or that what you are doing is the right direction?
Maybe due to many such questions, you must have thought of giving up acting sometimes?
This is a common thing. And if you get hundreds of questions related to acting then it is a good thing. Only the store of questions will take you to your destination.
So do not feel embarrassed. There are no stupid questions.

Ask questions!
We like to answer questions about acting so please send us your questions! They can be anything at all. You can also find the answer to your question on the site. We have a growing list of articles related to acting day by day.

We are always trying to improve the stageyactor and develop more. If you have any suggestions, send it via email.

We always like to hear about any comments, advice, future article ideas, new lists, or really anything …

Look forward to hearing from you.