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Acting is such a practice, the more you drown in it, the more edge you will find yourself. And on the basis of this, the leading actors of the world have tried to define their acting experience by a few words, while flowing in the ocean of acting, understanding it. Below, some such world famous actors have shared their experience of acting with few words (Acting quotes). Which is equivalent to an understandable lesson for upcoming new and working actors. Acting is such an art in which every aspect of the world can be used. It is less as much as it can be understood. And the StageyActor is always ready to fulfill your dream of becoming a good actor. Through the acting quotes given below, you can further enhance your acting experience.

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I am an Actor by profession. A few years after graduating in theater arts, I realized that I should do something to promote art. Just since then my aim is to share my knowledge to all people. I hope all of you are with me. ART IN MY HEART

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